I've gone back to being a bit irritable this afternoon. Not because I'm hungry and not because I have low energy, but because I am TIRED of juice.

This afternoon was very hard not to "chew" something.  I don't have any sugar cravings (due to the fruit sugars I'm consuming I assume) but I would have really liked something savoury, even a piece of cheese!

I don't know how anyone could do this for an extended period of time unless absolutely necessary.  I am very thankful that tomorrow is my last day of juice only.

Today's consumption:

Smoothie - orange, carrot, banana, berries, flax seed

Green juice - kale, lemon, celery, apple, ginger

Watermelon juice with cucumber, lime and mint

Carrot Apple and ginger juice

Kale smoothie with orange, pineapple, carrot, berries

Pineapple, orange, mango, blueberry and carrot smoothie


Down another 1.4lbs. Total 4.6.

Tomorrow I will go through my list of pros and cons to my experience, let you know where I'm going from here and provide you with my overall opinion.  Stay tuned....